E v e n t o w n e r

Inspired by the idea of a drinkable I.V. Solution, POCARI SWEAT is developed by Otsuka Pharmaceutical, Japan, and is the closest composition to your BODYWATER (human body fluid), for proper hydration of people to sustain healthy conditions; physically and mentally. POCARI SWEAT was launched in 1980 in Japan, and is currently being sold in 19 countries worldwide, as of July 2015.

O f f i c i a l o r g a n i s e r

Pink Apple is passionate about bringing ideas together and conceptualizing them to outdo all expectations. We deliver eminence to our projects, relieving clients of woes, while amplifying the experience of the event to everyone else involved - be it as a partner or as a participant. With the combined experience of the team, we know what you want, and we make it happen.

o f f i c i a l s p a c e p a r t n e r

Founded in 2013, ASTROSCALE is a Singapore-based satellite services company, engineering disruptive solultions to contribute in improving the orbital environment with End-of-Life (EOL) Management, Orbital Debris Monitoring and Orbital Debris Removal technologies, improving the safety of spaceflight and sustainability of the orbital environment. To make space more approachable, the company provides trusted advice on space missions and offers technological services for any private companies looking to engage in space projects.

c h a r i t y b e n e f i c a r i e s

SMA Charity Fund was set up on 25 February 2013 as an entity separate from SMA, bringing together SMA's current charitable initiatives and its goals of meeting the needs of society at large. The principal activities of the SMACF consist of financial assistance bursaries, health and public health-related education, and promotion of volunteerism, to meet the changing landscape of healthcare and the needs of the community.


For more information on SMA Charity Fund, please visit: www.sma.org.sg/smacf.

ASICS, an acronym derived from the Latin phrase, Anima Sana In Corpore Sano - a sound mind in a sound body. Staying true to the philosophy by which it was founded, every ASICS innovation, every concept, every idea is intended to create the best product. Our mission is to become the number one brand for the sports enthusiast. To accomplish this, we pledge to continue to make the best product; striving to build upon our technological advances and pushing the limits on what we can learn from the body and its needs in athletic gear. We pledge to bring harmony to the body and soul.

o f f i c i a l a p p a r e l

About 170 years ago in Old Singapore, a Chinese businessman named Tan Tock Seng offered funds for the construction of a hospital that would provide care for the needy sick in the community.


In keeping with our Founder's legacy of giving, TTSH Community Charity Fund was set to provide timely and critical help to needy patients and their families . Today, the charity is known as TTSH Community Fund.


Each year, more than $2 million is disbursed to support over 2,500 needy patient cases, with their medical needs. From medical treatment, medication and breathing equipment to mobility aids, nutrition and community rehabilitation programmes, our TTSH Community Fund helps needy patients get the medical care they need, gain independence, improve their quality of life and help them integrate into the community. The Fund also supports education and research that change patients' lives and expand TTSH healing reach to the communities.


The TTSH Community Fund is a registered charity with IPC status.


Please visit www.ttsh.com.sg/ttshcf to find out how you are making a difference for the less fortunate.


o f f i c i a l p r e - w o r k o u t s n a c k

Glycemic Index (GI) has become of increasing interest to athletes in the area of sports nutrition. GI is a ranking of carbohydrate foods based on how quickly they raise our blood sugar levels. Low GI foods are slowly digested and absorbed, causing a lower and more gradual rise in blood sugar levels.


It has been suggested that low GI foods could be useful in pre-workout meal,  as they would result in a slower and more sustained energy release , maintaining blood sugar levels and keeping you feel full longer.


Baked with high quality and non-genetically modified ground whole soy, SOYJOY is a nutritious Low GI bar. Enjoy this pre-workout snack filled with the wholesome goodness of soy!

o f f i c i a l c o m p r e s s i o n

2XU engineer products with the single minded goal of best equipping the athlete, so they feel more prepared, more lethal, more capable than anyone. As they put on the technologically sophisticated garments over their bodies they also put on an attitude, to be more than they ever have been, to perform beyond expectation.


With 2XU technology a piece of the finely balanced equation is in place to multiply human performance. This technology marks the beginning of a new era in sporting equipment. Our garments use intelligent physiological design, cutting edge performance fabrics and construction, derived from a race bred pedigree.


From the elite athlete driving their body to its limits, to the driven business person, and everyone in between, we provide the equipment you need to magnify your natural ability. We harness every part of your genetic composition and cloak you in a layer of performance. Every product is designed and re-designed for tangible benefit.

o f f i c i a l t i m e r

Suunto was founded in 1936 by Tuomas Vohlonen, a Finnish orienteer and inventor of the liquid-filled field compass. Since then Suunto has been at the forefront of design and innovation for sports watches, dive computers and instruments used by adventure seekers all over the globe. From the top of the mountain to the bottom of the sea, Suunto physically and mentally equips outdoor adventurers to conquer new territory.

o f f i c i a l t a p e

Acti-Tape has its origins in therapeutic tapes for rehabilitation of injuries, providing support to joints and muscles, and enhancing sports performance without affecting range of motion.  The concept was initially developed in Japan in the late 1970’s. Nowadays aside from application in rehabilitation, newer methodologies have been developed that address benefits associated with preventive health maintenance, reducing edema and pain relief.

o f f i c i a l h e a d s e t

Jabra is the brand of GN Netcom, a subsidiary of GN Store Nord A/S (GN) - listed on NASDAQ OMX. A world leader in the development, manufacturing, and marketing of a broad range of communications and audio solutions, Jabra has a reputation for innovation, reliability, and ease of use that goes back more than two decades. Jabra’s consumer and business divisions produce corded and wireless headsets, plus mobile and in-office speakerphones that empower individuals and businesses through increased freedom of movement, comfort, and functionality. Jabra employs close to 1000 people worldwide and in 2014 produced an annual revenue which amounted to DKK 2,871 million.

o f f i c i a l f i t n e s s

In 1993, our first Fitness First club opened in Bournemouth in the south of England. Today we have clubs in 16 different countries, making us a leader in the global fitness industry.


We’ve seen a lot of change in the fitness industry over the years, but our philosophy has remained the same: to offer the best equipment, range of classes, knowledgeable staff and personal advice in a welcoming environment that feeds our members’ motivation.

o f f i c i a l e y e w e a r

In beginning of 2015, David started JTDream as an e-shop selling accessories, wooden watches and other sport accessories. The main motivation is to encourage his children with entrepreneurship thinking, and applying textbook knowledge into real life business. At the same time, friends who wish to tryout online business can put their products without any charges.


The belief of JTDream is “Everything starts from a dream, slowly turn your dream into actions, only with actions you can make your dream come true”.


By fall of 2015, Joe and Maran joined and invested in JTDream. In Nov 2015, JTDream becomes the sole agent for Nuke Blitz XI range of sports sunglasses.

o f f i c i a l d i g i t a l m e d i a

Singapore's running scene has burgeoned over the past decade, evident by the growing number of competitive races around the island. RunSociety was founded with the purpose of uniting the cumulative interests of runners from all walks of life under a common umbrella; keeping them abreast of the latest developments. As opposed to the many blog-like web portals (running-related) out there, RunSociety is the first online magazine in Singapore governed by editorial guidelines and the fundamentals of journalistic integrity. It’s a place where both professional and aspiring runners can feel at ease, knowing they are receiving information that has been rigorously vetted by a team of experienced writers.

o f f i c i a l m a g a z i n e

Run Singapore is the first flagship title created by Bold Ink Magazines in 2012. Positioned as the only running magazines in Singapore, the publication has since built its strong reputation within the running/sports industry. With almost 80% of all leading sports brands advertising with the magazine and a fast growing subscriber base, the publication is set to be the leading running magazine in the region.

o f f i c i a l h e a l t h c a r e

TTSH is one of Singapore’s largest multi-disciplinary hospitals with 170 years of pioneering medical care and development. The hospital has 45 clinical and allied health departments, 16 specialist centres and is powered by more than 7,000 healthcare staff. TTSH sees over 2,000 patients at its specialist clinics and some 460 patients at its emergency department every day. TTSH is part of the National Healthcare Group, providing holistic and integrated patient care.

I n S u p p o r t o f s p o r t s p r o m o t i o n

A statutory board of the Ministry of Culture, Community and Youth, Sport Singapore’s core purpose is to inspire the Singapore spirit and transform Singapore through sport. Through innovative, fun and meaningful sporting experiences, our mission is to reach out and serve communities across Singapore with passion and pride. With Vision 2030 – Singapore’s sports master plan, our mandate goes beyond winning medals. Sport Singapore uses sport to create greater sporting opportunities and access, more inclusivity and integration as well as broader development of capabilities. At Sport Singapore, we  work with a vast network of public-private-people sector partners for individuals to live better through sports.

o f f i c i a l F & B P a r t n e r

Emporium Shokuhin - Singapore’s First Integrated Japanese Emporium

The one-stop shop for all your quality live seafood, premium meats and Japanese speciality products, including 8 Japanese dining concepts. From the well sought-after Bluefin Tuna and ultra-tender A5 Miyazaki beef, to chilled seafood platters with freshly shucked oysters and sakes, there is something for everyone.


Visit us today at Marina Square (New Wing) level 1.

For our latest news and promotions, visit www.emporiumshokuhin.com.sg or our Facebook/Instagram page @EmporiumShokuhin

o f f i c i a l o n l i n e r e t a i l p a r t n e r

RedMart is Singapore's leading online grocery service. Shop day or night, at home, at work or on the go, for thousands of deals and an extensive range of groceries. Over 32, 000 products from fresh produce, household essentials to specialty items, at everyday low prices with the convenience of home delivery, 7am to 10pm, 7 days a week. Get them all delivered right to your door.


Visit us at www.redmart.com or download our RedMart mobile app (Available in the App Store and Google Play). Enjoy convenience at your fingertips.